Top 5 Reasons to move to Wales’ West coast

At the Country Living Group, we’re immensely proud to live and work in West Wales. Some people believe that a move to Wales’ Western fringes seems like emigrating to the outskirts of civilisation and if you’re used to city life then we see the misconception. However, we guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the luxurious properties and easy-going lifestyle that you’ll find here. Read on and we’ll wait for your phone call at the end of your read. No, seriously…

Here are our top 5 reasons to move to Wales’ stunning West coast.

1. Coastline and countryside.
Pembrokeshire is the UK’s only coastal national park, boasting 186-miles of coastal path dotted with bird-laden cliffs, smuggler’s coves, picture-perfect fishing villages and long stretches of sandy beaches such as Newport, Whitesands and the world-famous Barafundle and Freshwater West. With a move to Wales’ coastline, you could spend a lifetime exploring on foot, by boat or even take up West Wales’ unique watersport, coasteering.

Ceredigion has its fair share of captivating coves, too; Mwnt is on the border between the two counties and has a tiny 14th-century church precariously placed on the cliff above the popular dolphin-watching beach below. Of course, Ceredigion is better known for Cardigan Bay’s curve upwards towards the popular seaside towns of Newquay, Aberaeron and Aberystwyth.

Inland, the mystical Preseli Hills act as a backbone to the coastal beauty beyond, and to the East, the Cambrian Mountains form part of the Green Desert of Wales. Large expanses of bucolic farming land cover the areas between mountain and sea, with manor houses, thatched cottages and mid-century modern masterpieces dotted throughout.

2. Health and Wellbeing
You only have to visit once to understand that a move to Wales and the beautiful sea air of Pembrokeshire and open spaces of Ceredigion can be very good for your health. With worry about viruses and confinement having been on everyone’s minds recently, the restorative powers of a dip in seawater, the breeze atop our stunning mountains or a Dark Sky experience, taking away the pollution of light and noise, can have seriously good implications for your general health.

Many who have moved into the area have described the long dog walks or scarf-wrapped autumn beach walks as meditative, and there’s nothing like living in the country to make you want to embrace the space and freedom to get outside as often as possible.

It’s not just the sea air that helps you sleep at night, though – if you’ve been used to the cost of living in a big city, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the pennies you’ll save by moving to Wales’ western counties. You’ll get more property for your price range here, and you’ll probably be able to work less to enjoy the same standard of living.

3. Culture
Yes, everyone knows that the Welsh enjoy a sing-song – most rugby fans probably even know a few words of ‘Sosban Fach’ if they’ve attended matches with the melodic Welsh crowds. But what a lot of people don’t know is that Ceredigion is the heartland of Welsh culture. The first-ever cultural festival, known as an Eisteddfod (ay-steth-fod) was held at Cardigan Castle in 1176. The festival of Welsh literature, music and performance is now celebrated in nearby Tregaron every year.

We’re not just all about folk songs here, though – if you move to Wales, you’re sure to be within a short distance from the modern music festivals held throughout the West. For example, the rustic Unearthed Festival near St Davids occurs every June, and The Big Tribute Festival held near Aberystwyth is ever popular. In 2019, Cardigan Castle became an ongoing host to Ireland’s internationally acclaimed Other Voices festival.

Another up-and-coming cultural trend taking over these rolling counties is the art of microbrewing. If you’re fond of a local ale, then this is the place to be – Harbwr Brewery in the beautiful seaside town of Tenby is one of the newer players on the market, compared to Bluestone Brewing Company, tucked away in rural North Pembrokeshire, who are well established and award-winning. Mantle Brewery in Cardigan are a distinctive brand who produce distinctive ales at the point where the coast paths meet, and if you’re more of a spirits drinker, then Da Mhile near Llandysul are the masters of many, including single malt whiskies, seaweed gin and their own special brand of rum.

4. History and heritage
As you look out over the rolling hills and vales towards clifftops and cairns, the likelihood is that you’re also staring at a piece of history. This area of Wales is littered with history, from iron-age forts to Celtic burial chambers, religious pilgrimage routes to old slate mines. Despite the quiet pace of life here, this area of the UK has been teeming with people and various industries for millennia.

Ceredigion and North Pembrokeshire are still Welsh-speaking areas of West Wales, whereas South Pembrokeshire, known as Little England beyond Wales, is less so. Both areas are welcoming to incomers, and the divide only came about when the Normans tried to banish the Welsh from their lands by bringing Flemish immigrants to the area. What’s left of this long-forgotten divide, known as the Landsker Line, are many incredible frontier castles, such as the accessible ruins at Llawhaden and the impressive Roch castle, which is now a fantastic hotel.

5. Beautiful buildings
The housing dichotomy in Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion is actually of huge benefit to you if you’re looking to move to Wales. Whereas traditionally, these two counties were and still are filled with ancient farmhouses, some still adorned with conical Flemish chimneys, ancient limewashed cottages and grand harbour houses, there are also a plethora of expertly designed modern properties available throughout the area. At the Country Living Group, we’re proud to have a portfolio filled with every possible type of prestigious property, and we can guarantee in-depth knowledge of the sales and marketing strategies that need to be applied to each individual estate.

So now that you know how amazing this part of the world is, why not give us a call? Using a combination of market research, our unique buyer’s services and our 24-hour concierge service, your move to Wales makes total sense.

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